Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1940 Census Initiative Is Rocking!

Can you imagine, 4.2 million names were indexed last Sunday alone. Those of you that are participating are averageing 4 million names per day. Those involved come from all sorts of demographics - from individuals to genealogy societies.

If we can keep the current pace the entire census will be searchable around mid August. Family Search goal was by October. Just think,
132 million people were living in the 48 Continental United States in 1940.
The dark states on the map are either done or close to being completed. Kansas and Oregon are 99% done. Delaware, Colorado, Virginia and New Hampshire are completed. California is 14%, Florida 44%, and Texas is 9% done.

Tens of millions of people living in the United States in 1940 are still living today, making this a record set that connects people with recent family records.

Many of these individuals are part of what has been called the greatest generation.
These are people who:

  • Survived the Great Depression
  • Fought in the Second World War
  • Innovated technology (TV, Microwave)
  • Sacrificed in the name of freedom
  • Practiced thrift and compassion
  • Understood hard work and industry

The people in the 1940 census deserve to have their records preserved and made available online.

Click here to learn more and for the article I wrote in March.

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