Saturday, April 28, 2012

Porter Family History

Are you doing family history research on the Porter line? Would it by chance involve Sanford Porter (1790 - 1873) who was born in Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusets? Sanfords parents were Nathan Porter and Susanna West.

Sanford Porter had 14 children: Chauncey Warriner, Malinda,Sarah Jane, John President, Nathan Tanner, Reuben, Sanford Jr, Nancy Aretha, William, Joseph and Hyrum Twins, Justin Theodore, Lucinda, and Lyman Wight Porter. 

I am interested in all of this family, but most interested in going upline from Sanford, and in his sons John President and Lyman Wight. They are both my great grandfathers. Figure that one out.

I have started a Porter Family Research blog. You find it by clicking here. All new Porter family research I do will be documented success of failure on that blog. I encourage you to let me know ifyou are posting on line about the Porter, Cragun, Bingham, or South Families. I will provide a link to your website from the research blog so others can find you.

Why should we duplicate each others work. Why shouldn't we collaborate. Why should our children be forced to repeat the research we have done. We shouldn't, you shouldn't, and they shouldn't.

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