Saturday, April 14, 2012

Patrick Cragun - He's Your Grandpa? - Here's The Questions

The stories that are published about Patrick Cragun are stories told by our ancestors. Two sources lead to all of the stories I can find.

I am trying to take research to another level. I want to have more facts as I prepare something our Cragun children can enjoy and be proud of. It seems our Patrick was the brave sort. Here is a link to the story as we have it so far - just click:

Do you know? Did Patrick really run away from being an indentured servant and catch a ship like the one I post here?  Was Patrick Cragun really in the Boston Tea Party? Do you know if he was really born in Dublin, Ireland? Who were his grandparents? What was his mothers name? And are we sure about his wifes name, Rose Hannah Alley? What about her family, are there details you might have? Do you know more about his life in America? Do you live near Boone County, Indiana where we he died? Let's collaberate.

PS: This is my 100th article since starting this blog on February 8th. It's been fun. Google searches are finding me. I encourage you to do this too. Let me know if you do so I can link to your blog. As we find each other on line, as we build a network of similar interests or relationships, we provide efficiency in finding new facts as we provide time for others to join us in our family history research.

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