Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Cragun House

I like this Victorian house. I could wish that it were mine. After all it is the Cragun House.

It was built by a Strange Cragun. I know we Craguns are all strange. My great grandfather is Simeon the son of Elisha. Simeon's brother Hiram named one of his son in a strange way. I mean gave im the name of Strange. Strange Nathaniel Cragun. I bet he went by Nate, right?

Strange was born in Boone County in 1857. He left Boone County for a short time as a young adult, but returned in 1881 to begin a career in education. He served as principal of Whitestown, Zionsville, and Lebanon schools. In 1891, he purchased a local newspaper, the Lebanon Patriot (later to become the Lebanon Reporter), and began a long career as a Boone County business and civic leader.

The house is historic looking. Actually it is historic and now the owned and maintained by the Boone County Historical Society, and serves as the headquarters for the Society. With most of it’s original furnishings, as well as other donated items of the period, the Cragun House is not only an elegant old home, it is a living history museum.

The home is available for tours and to use for events. It has been used for business meetings, civic group meetings, weddings, wedding and baby showers, Christmas parties, and recitals. Filled with Victorian charm and ambiance, the Cragun House is simply beautiful, and is perfect for many occasions. Imagine your event in this elegant setting. The house can comfortably accommodate groups up to 30 persons.

PS: Genealogy buffs, Boone County where Patrick lived is named after Daniel Boone. I wonder if old Pat and Daniel were hunting buddies.Daniel was 12 years older than Patrick and died 10 years later.

This is a link to the Boone County Historical Website: Click

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