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Family History - Getting Started Strategies

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The Riverton Family History Center in the Salt Lake City area is a shining example of what the LDS Family History Centers are to become: not only a place of research & support but a place of learning. 

This photo depicts what it was like Saturday at the monthly training.
There was an hour long keynote speaker and then 2 hours of classes, several to choose from.

The Riverton Family History Center is larger than your local center, but the concept will be the same. At this time you can find help, a computer to use, and individual attention at a local Family History Center.

The class I attended was on research strategies by Diana Toland: and it was excellent. I will share with you in a series of articles that are strategies I gleaned from Diana.

Build on what you already know: Review all of your notes, files, documents, letters, clippings, or informaiton about your ancestors.  Look for clues from these records.

My sister  is an excellent genealogist. Besides realizing she is doing something of great value to a great cause she loves being a detective looking for clues and facts. That is what you will be doing.

a. Review all the notes, files, documetns letters, clippings, or information about your ancestors. 

b. Call of visit any living relatives that might have any information, memories, or keepsakes about your family.

If you watch the national TV show "Who Do You Think You Are" or the BYU TV show Generations Project you will see that in action.

c. Should anuy relative pass away, IMMEDIATELY contact the executor of the estate. Check on dispostion of the "Family Records" and vital documents.

Getting copies of all vital records is a valuable exercise.  I phoned my mothers sister for inromation on my grandmother. Her immediate response was I was only 4 when my mother died, I have nothing to help you with about her. We went and visited her anyway. Guess what, she did find a file with a few things of importance. Oh, how important they were. She also remembered a few things she was told. What a productive visit it was.

d. Check to see who else is working on your family online. That can be done by joining New Family Search, soon to become Family Tree,, Roots Web Worldwide, and by doing Google searches just as an example.

I'd be glad to give you feedack on this topic if you have questions.

I plan on making this series at least 7 articles. I hope it helps.

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