Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Price A Debt Unpaid?

Promissory note from Levi Cragun

My father, Royal Cragun, passed this on to me. He told me this note was debt to be paid to my grandmother and grandfather by his son Levi as payment for the farm Levi took over.

My grandfather Simeon Wilbert Cragun became bitter and apparantly cut off all relationships with his son. 

I assume there were other issues, such as my grandmother being 28 and my grandfather 49 when they married. I sense that didn't go over very well.

So what price? A big one. Grandfather Simeon told my father, on grandfathers death bed, he was sorry he let it come between them.

So if by chance this bitterness has affected the Cragun legacy - let it be over with, OK?

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