Tuesday, February 28, 2012

At Home Missionary? - What Is That About?

The approximately 1000 family history missionaries that serve in Salt Lake City have a variety of assignments. Most are supporting questions and problems that patrons from around the world come up with in trying to do their own genealogy/family history.

That's not so with me, I'm assigned to a somewhat unknown part of the church - recruiting and processing at home missionaries.  There are about 500 that currently serve at home (At Home Missionaries). They go through 2 months of training, about 1.5 hours per day. They then become part of the system the full time support missionaries use to take the next phone call, email, or text. These are from what is usually a very frustrated or in need patron. They are not just church members.

We need about 1000 more to handle the growth of incoming questions. Here is a link to a video I hope gets the word out. It's a good one.

                           Click the link below the photo to go to the video


At home missionaries serve 15 hours per week and need a recommendation from their
bishop and Stake President. They need basic computer skills and adequate internet and computer standards. Their schedule is flexible. They are part of a team and have ongoing training with a full time church professional employee as their leader. Most at home missionaries serve supporting either new family search, indexing, research, the wiki, family history centers, or historical records.

Inquiries can be made by calling 1-800-453-3860 Ext 2-0850 or by email to mission@familysearch.org

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