Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Know A Person That Won't Share

Yes, and I am as surprised as this kitten about that.

When it comes to family research some people just won't share. You note it in that their trees are private and they won't respond to your inquiries. They want you to go it on your own. I understand the emotion, especially if it took a lot of effort and time to personally do the research.

I think the won't share people can be sold on the concept that the future of genealogy is collaberation.  I refer you to a RootsTech Keynote Speach by Jay Verkler.

In his speech Jay shares an exciting and fascinating vision of the future of family history research. Click this link: Jay Verkler Keynote and it will take you to the home page which houses the keynote speaches. Jays is the Thursday keynote. It is about an hour long but worth it. 

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