Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How To Turn A Missionary Apt Into A Castle

How do you do that? You marry a talent!

Living Rooom



Master BR


  1. So are you living in Salt Lake now? We were just there. Our Jill went through the Temple! What a choice, spiritual experience. She sent us a text message of a picture of a recommend, and guess what? It was hers. Her husband, if you remember is not a member. He is very supportive of the Church and Jill going and also going to receive her endowments. The Bishop and Stake Pres. were so impressed with what he wrote. Jill went to the Temple on Friday and Stake Conference was the fallowing Sunday. The Stake Pres. asked Jill if he and the General authority could come to visit she and Sean between Sat. sessions. She told him that would be fine, but would it be ok if she didn't tell him the General Authority was coming. The General Authority was Elder Gary Crittenden. Heavenly Father sure has a way of pulling things together. Elder Crittenden and I grew up in the Ogden 32nd Ward and our parents were very close friends. What a coincidence. This really put Sean at ease. As far as things go with Sean, he is very receptive. Their Ward is absolutely the greatest ward ever. They are a true example of how a Ward is supposed to work. They have included Sean in all the Elders Quorum activities and feels very welcome in the Ward. I want to thank you for your love and support while you were Bishop of the Bellevue 3rd Ward. We love you both and wish you well. Love Kathy W. Chatterton