Thursday, February 9, 2012

Family Tree Is Coming

When you visit do you have a family tree link at the top? Probably not, but trust me, you will want one. The plan is to introduce family tree this year. About 5,000 of us are beta testing it now.

Those who are using new family search find many problems in the accuracy of the data, which can be frustrating. If that is you, don't worry, new family search will become family tree.  I am telling people who call into Church Headquarters requesting corrections, to be patient, they can do it themselves when Family Tree is launced. 

Family Tree is a new approach to genealogy. It is unlike any tool you’ve used before. You will connect with others who share a common interest in your genealogical lines. Together, you compare findings, weigh evidence, and decide what information is most correct. The history of your work and the rationale for change are preserved for others to see. You’ll find great satisfaction in your family research because you are part of a team working towards the same goal—the most accurate, complete, and enduring family tree ever produced.

I think the most important part is how the system allows you to correct errors yourself instead of waiting for the person who input the wrong data or waiting for the church to agree with your correction.

There is an edit process. It allows you to make the correction. It asks you to support that change. It provides a public view of who made the change, your support for the change, and allows someone else to provide their opinion.  This process creates a collaboration. You, for your tree can use what you believe is the best correct answer, while the other opinions remain as part of the file.

See below where my father Royal Cragun had incorrect information posted.
His middle name is not Willy. I intend on providing a link to a copy of his birth certificate as evidence.

There was no information about his burial, so I added that. I was provided a box to show documentation and it remains visible to all who visit the entry.

The Church expects the numbers of users to be in the millions, many of those non members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

If you will leave your name as a comment, I will notify you when Family Tree goes live.

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