Saturday, February 25, 2012

Family Tree Update - Showing The Sources

Things are progressing fast with Family Tree features. So you want to see the source? OK, it's right here for your viewing.
Yes, you can now provide a link to see the sources. You just have to have a place like Flickr or a website to send peope to. That one is easy and can be free.

The fact that so many of us are related to each other makes this exciting. I have 2nd cousins whom I have never met or known of their whereabouts. Today I went in and added a link to a neat photo of their mother my 1st cousin. It is a terrific photo, she is beautiful. I am sure they will be overwhelmed when they check in, check sources, and find this of their mom.

I also added a link to this copy of my grandmother and my step grandfathers marriage license. It was easy and is now there for all of our relatives to see or download.

I really see the vision of collaberating via this free service, Family Tree.

Once again, Family Tree is in Beta with about 5,000 of us testing it. I can probably add you as a beta tester if you would like. Please leave me a comment or email at if you would like that.

Click here for a more in depth article I posted about Family Tree.

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