Thursday, February 16, 2012

More - Basics of QR Codes Explained

I have had people tell me they are a little confused about QR Codes -

so here is a more detailed explanation.

What are QR Codes And How Do They Work?

Currently I am most excited about a QR Code attached to a headstone. The CR Code would send the smart phone to a website where the life history or genealogy info on the person is posted.

There are companies that assist you in this, metal QR Code and install. I would be anxious for comments on other applications you might know of. Larry
QR — or "quick response" — codes are two-dimensional barcodes capable of holding significantly more data than the traditional UPC barcode. They are a quick and convenient marketing tool used to transfer specific information to any smart phone or digital device with a camera and QR reader application.

How QR Codes Can Help Businesses

Information encoded in the QR code can link users to website URLs, a phone number, email and more. This versatility offers nearly unlimited applications ranging from sharing contact information or registering for an event to offering point-of-sale discounts, collecting email addresses, providing real time updates or even tracking ROI.

Where to Use QR Codes

Here are just a few examples:
  • Tom Hooley Construction. Looking for a way to prompt immediate action, incorporated a QR code linked to his business phone into a vehicle wrap on his company truck, Scott’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing with positive feedback.
  • America's Best Defense. In an effort to spark interaction with current and potential clients, added QR Codes to marketing pieces including window and door stickers, promotional banners and its website. “The QR codes have not only made things easier – they have also made things more interactive,” says owner Paul Garcia.
  • To promote a month-long series of fashion and music events, Oakbrook Center mall put a QR code on floor signs to direct shoppers to more information about associated events and promotions. After a high success rate, Oakbrook Center added the QR code to other event literature and continues to see positive results.

Top 5 Tips for Creating a QR Code

  • Make it Valuable. Only a small percentage of smart phone users actually scan QR codes, so encourage your target audience to scan yours by offering something of value to them.
  • Size Matters. The viewing distance will dictate how large the code should be. QR codes should never be smaller than one square inch.
  • Keep it Simple. While you can incorporate branding, don't cover the corner blocks and remember, the more characters, the greater the chance for reader error.
  • Don't Go Home. Don't link your QR code to your home page, and make sure wherever you send them is mobile-friendly.
  • Test, Test, Test. Test your code on several different phone platforms and readers before producing.

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