Monday, July 8, 2013

Billion Graves Is A Kick

BillionGraves is one of the cool uses of smart phones. It is also valuable in the Genealogy World. And to add the coolness factor, your kids can join in to catch the family history experience, even some 8 year old kids.

It's a simple concept, take a photo of a headstone, upload it easily to, let someone transcribe (index) it for search and watch it eventually show up on both and You simply download their Ap, turn it on, and point and shoot.

Because of the GPS technology built into your cell phone the headstone is noted on their website within 10 feet of it's actual location. You can see it online or you can walk to it.

The Ap shows you what cemeteries have been photographed, how many have been done, and where they are. It even lists what cemeteries are nearby you how and far away from you they are.

I was with my 8 year old grandson Michael and he thought he could do this just fine. HE DID! He made his mom download the Ap to her phone so he could do it after I had gone. We did over 1000 in Ames Iowa between the two of us while we were there.

It really is a kick.

Watch out, there is a leaderboard. If you are the least bit competitive it could be a hazard to your health. I'm on it, and intend on staying there. Oh well, it's a worthy project.

Incidentally, gravestones are a pretty good source, albeit not perfect. Take a look at this picture. Can you see what is wrong?

A lot of headstones have family information, children, when married, etc. Many have family members buried righty by them. It's a good thing, and as in all family history projects, a kick in the pants.

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