Monday, January 20, 2014

Have You Downloaded The RootsTech App Yet?

This will be my 3rd RootsTech and am I excited! Notice there was no question mark, rather an explanation point.

It's time to download their app. Schedules are in it. Information on the vendors are there. Keynotes are identified.

They have done a great job with the app. Use it to decide if you even want to attend. Of course you do want to attend, this will just cement that thought. There are classes for all levels of skills. There are classes for the beginning youth.

The venue is bigger this year, the classrooms are larger. I used the app last year to make last minute changes of plans on which classes to go to. Some filled up so fast I needed a back up plan. A couple of classes weren't what I expected and my app was ready with an alternative class to move over to.

It's great - RootsTech, and the app is great too.

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