Monday, February 24, 2014

Evernote Baby - For Cragun reserearch, actually for everything in your life that is important

I know I am not the only one who needs organizing improvements. I am also not the only one who is slow to catch on to some things staring me right in the face. I took a class at Rootstech 2012 on Evernote and it seemed fine. Having that attitude could be translated into "I didn't get the vision". I downloaded the program and let it set. I then took a class on Evernote at the Awesome Riverton 3rd Saturday Seminar last month. There is one every month but December. (Riverton Family History Center - 9AM to 12:30 PM, A most valuable event) and I finally caught the vision.

To not make me feel guilty the presenter admitted she had it downloaded for three years before she began to use it.

THIS PROGRAM IS AMAZING. Whether it is for organizing recipes, people you meet, your genealogy research and priorities; for anything and everything.

Please take a look at these two videos. Doing so might save you a year or three. They give you the big picture of what can be done.

Don't miss this one:

Here is a sample of what my Patrick Cragun research is beginning to look like in just one of my notebooks in Evernote. I've just started, much more to organize and MY IT IS EXCITING! I am so much more on top of my priorities already.

I can share this notebook or even just the note with those I want to collaborate with.

Really: take time to learn this. It a way to sharpen the saw, don' t keep sawing until you do this.

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  1. I was just like you. I downloaded Evernote back in 2012 and looked at it, but...didn't "get it." I kept hearing about it on the several Facebook genealogy groups I belong to. People were raving about it. One day, I looked at a couple of tutorials and suddenly it clicked.
    I have to say that I use this program every day and am discovering more and more ways to use it. It's really an amazing tool.