Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Are You A Utah Cragun Descendent?

Over the past many days, about a month,  I have had fun looking at this site:  http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/

If you enter the name cragun in the search bar you will find 1735 articles are posted on this site. Most are papers from 1836 to 1922.

Some of the articles are not that historic; james cragun had a visitor from salt lake city for the weekend type of information. However, of these many articles I did find some of interest. These I attached to FamilySearch Family Tree. If you are a descendant of Wiley G Cragun, Jonathon Osborn Quicny Cragun, William Henry Cragun, James Hyrum Cragun, Annie May Budge, Mormon Cragun, Willard Uriah Cragun, Wiley Moroni Cragun, Lathael Grande Cragun, James Alfred Cragun, Wilson Elijah Cragun, Grace Cragun, WIlford Elisha Cragun, May Mahalia Cragun, Willard Simeon Cragun, Simeon Wilbert Cragun, John H Cragun, James H Cragun, Lydia Margaret Cragun, Levi Ephraim Cragun, Dresden James Cragun, Katie Blake Holladay, Oralie Kate Cragun, James Cragun, Lydia Margaret Cragun, Mabel Cragin, Royal Cragun, George Douglass, Pearl Cragun, Eva Cragun Heiner, Verna Cragun, Violet Cragun, you might check family tree. Who knows what you will find: good things, bad things, strange things. There are some wedding and funeral announcements, birth notices, even law suits discussed. This is not a complete list, so check it you craguns.

It was a fun experience and once I started I wasn't happy until I read them all. PS Obituaries are interesting, there were a few of those. We can now index obituaries in Family Search. Up until now I have thought my interest was in research and fixing the tree, but indexing obituaries has caught my attention. You might also want to give it a go.

Oh a bad thing, I found a great uncle sentenced to six months in prison for punching a woman in a dispute over water rights. His appeal failed. 

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