Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Progress On Family Tree Just Keeps Happening

NOTE: As of today they are posting who added the photo and noting comments on the photos.

For those who are in the beta of Photos on Family Tree, stories just went live.

Photos are getting a lot of buzz, but my opinion is that stories is the bigger feature.

Fifty new testers are added each morning while they work with the bandwith issues.

To get in line for that feature you go to

You Can Learn About FamilySearch Photos at RootsTech

On February 21, 2013, Tim Cross, FamilySearch Photos product manager, presented a webinar launching this exciting new feature--see the entire webinar here. He also presented a follow-up question and answer session on February 26. Watch that webinar.


An additional training video on FamilySearch Photos and Stories can be found here.

Be sure to join us at RootsTech in the FamilySearch booth to see this and other exciting enhancements we're making to Learn more about the free member training track at RootsTech.

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