Thursday, March 28, 2013

County Websites: An Overlooked Resource

From a RootsTech class given by Jean Wilcox Hibben

RootsTech is awesome. Here is the website, click this link.

In sharing this information I am going to take you on an example journey with my research.

I would say that County Websites being an overlooked resource fits many of us who are getting into our genealogy. This class was full and overflowing.

I am going to research for a county website for an ancestor heavily researched and sourced to family tree, Elsha Cragun.

I begin with Google: (we were taught about 5 websites for this kind of research) Searching the Counties he spent time in: 6 counties. He, seemed to purchase and then develop land and then move on to do it again. These counties are Russel in Virginia, Franklin in both Tennessee and Indiana, Fayette in Indiana, and Rush County, Indiana. His wife and 21 year old daughter died 3 days apart in Pleasant View, Indiana in 1844 and shortly after that he sold his property and went with some of his children to Nauvoo, Illinois.

Lets search these 5 counties in Virginia, Tennessee, and Indiana. Here we go, will it help?

Note: Not all counties have sites. Not all results are genealogy websites. However, even non genealogy County websites may have history which is valuable or peoples names to contact.

The Google search is: Russell County Virginia Genealogy

Russell  County, Virginia, Genealogy: The top result delivered in the search is  [ ] which is one of the 5 sites to research . It has tons of links to sites about Russell, County, and even neighboring Counties and States. I'll be busy here for a long time.

Back to Google: The same search also led to the FamilySearch Wiki - A great source. I have been here, but I see more links now. Yay.

More off Google Search - Russell County Virginia Genealogy

The next Google Result was: Awesome.

The 4th Google result is the 2nd option the class mentioned:  There are lots of interesting possibilities here.

The next Google option was The Russel County Library with a section called: Researching Family History in Russell County, VA | interesting indeed.

There were more on Google, I am up to so many options I think I will close the article for now.

The class also referred to and htthp:// and follow directions.

This is an amazing way to dig deep beyond the famous websites. My wife Kathleen using this concept is coming up with great results and you can see you might too.

Whew, do I have work to do.  Yowsa

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