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Saturday August 10, 2013

Date: SUMMER TIME with no UEA, Football or Hunting competition Time:

SHORT TIME PERIOD- Noon 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm Place:

NO COST, LARGE (expect 2500 people)

Stake Building on Hwy 89 near I-15 in Pleasant View, near to Pleasant View Cemetery(NORMA LISTON) FEE:

Date: SUMMER TIME with no UEA, Football or Hunting competition  Saturday August 10, 2013

Time: SHORT TIME PERIOD-  Noon  12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Place: NO COST, LARGE (expect 2-500 people) Stake Building on Hwy 89 near I-15 in Pleasant View, near to Pleasant View Cemetery(NORMA LISTON)

FEE: NO FEES, but $5 for those who want their children to make mountain man crafts and have the Cragun Coloring Book(GAYLYNN HONE/JENNIFER SMITH)

Food: NO COST- Pot Luck Noon Luncheon- Bring your own food and implements (NORMA LISTON FAMILY ORGANIZATION- coordinate with stake center)

Theme: Let’s have FUN together learning about our connection to Daniel Boone and other mountain men

Marketing:  Mostly local Utah family members, but all we have emails for will be invited(RUSS MARRIOTT/STEVE HEINER/RAY JOHNSON)

Focus: Special focus on young marrieds and teenagers.

Leadership Target: Ask our older leaders to find relatives who are young marrieds to help us build the future leadership of the Cragun organization and be the mainstay of the organization’s:
1) Calling Tree telephone calls 2) Email address collecting.  (MILDRED WATTS/JO ANNE BURRELL/KAY RUFF/VERNAE HANSEN)
Leaders: We have 20 people who have offered to help. Russ has included in bold after each area of responsibility a gentle suggestion for assignments.  These are some of the 20 people Russ and Gaylynne have talked to over the past several weeks as they have tried to get feedback about how best to organize the 2013 Cragun Reunion.  We will be in touch with you soon to discuss your reaction (hopefully positive) and explain how the assignment might work within your time commitments and interest level and receive your suggestions and input.

1)     Mountain Men Show with background story of Daniel Boone as friend of Cragun relatives(RUSS MARRIOTT/STEVE FELT)

Patrick Cragun, Sheriff, stories, photos of old family homes in Tennessee(GAYLYNN HONE & MILDRED WATTS)

Genealogy and Family History Meeting for 15 minutes after at 3:00 pm
Teenagers- Help with Mt. Men program and with Clown Carnival and invite to be trained on internet to do INDEXING on their own computers. (DIXIE CRAGUN/MRS LARRY CRAGUN)Adults- Introduce the Perfect the CragunRecords project to find original source documents digitized and linked to LDS Family Tree records.  (GAYLYNN HONE/ART CRAGUN/LARRY CRAGUN/NANCY DAY/MARGARET SWANAVELT)

Toddlers in nursery room with church toys and games
Children- Mt man theme for crafts and Cragun Coloring Books
Clown Carnival theme for games and prizes and fun(JENNIFER SMITH/AMY OLSEN/DEBBIE RASUMSSEN)

Pleasant View Cemetery- Location of family plots and head stones on map(GAYLYNNE HONE/MILRED WATTS/NORMA LISTON FAMILY)

Old Cragun Homes- Map of locations for photographing(NORMA LISTON FAMILY)

Teenagers- Help with Mountain men show and clown carnival

SAVE THIS DATE EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT Flyer out to everyone on Buckner and Heiner lists this week. (RUSS MARRIOTT/RAY JOHNSON)

Minutes of conference  Send Summary of meeting minutes tomorrow(RUSS MARRIOTT)

Telephone TreesMake calls to master lists of names, addresses, phone numbers and emails

Marketing- Ask people what they would like to see at the reunion and if they will help make it happen.  If not it dies. 

BLOG- Set up Google BlogspotASAP to advertise the reunion and store original documents for genealogy research(RUSS MARRIOTT/LARRY CRAGUN/MARSHALL MARRIOTT)

BOOKS- Put our 10 Cragun books onto LULU internet site for family to print personal copies (GAYLYNN HONE/DIXIE CRAGUN/WYNN PHILLIPS)

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