Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are You A AAA Genealogist? You Can Be

Thanks to all the wonderful work of others, thanks to our amazing technology, becoming a AAA Genealogist is within the grasp of almost all of us.

Introducing the concept of How to be an AAA Genealogist. (I expect to refine this post from time to time.) 

I refer to the AAA genealogist as a level most can accomplish. In baseball the AAA level is not the major leagues. To be a successful genealogy/family history participant you need not be a PRO at a major league level. 

The Concept:
1-      Have basic typing and computer skills. The links to websites that helps develop or improve those skills can be found in the upper right hand part of my blog. The typing link is one of the most used links found on this site.

2-      Learn to use family tree. The training site is The Church has a large staff of missionaries to answer problems and questions: Click live help on

3-      Learn to use these websites to do your research:,,, and Google. is a pay site that is accessed for free at Family History Centers.

4-      Be willing to ask for help. There is a lot of help out there.

5-      Set aside a scheduled time to work on family history. As an example several years ago I decided that doing family history was a great way to spend Sunday time. Some Sundays I either missed or spent an hour at work but the consistent schedule has been the reason I have been able to do so much   

6-      Sharpen The Saw. To me, this is a real fun part. The opportunity to learn is immense. There are webinars, conferences, classes, books, websites, and other ways to expand your knowledge base. is a gold mine for learning. There is a learning center with focused videos, a wiki, and numerous resources.

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