Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yes Dear, The Sources Are Moving From New Family Search To Family Tree

One of the most common support questions I had while in Family Tree support was will my sources in New Family Search move over to Family Tree. The fear that they might not caused some to be less than Christ like in their attitudes. Can you say instantly angry?

Well, they are starting to move them to the Tree. If you have a FamilySearch account you should have received this email:  Dear users of,

FamilySearch is preparing to move some of the sources from to Family Tree. If you created sources in and do not want to have them transferred to Family Tree, please let us know by clicking on the link below and entering the information requested.


Family Tree, to me, is so awesome that I have a hard time being patient with the impatient. There is much to do, but so much is up and usable. Photos, stories, sources, discussions, fixing the errors in the tree, proving who is in my family and who needs to be documented still are all a wonderful journey. The fact there are errors bugs many, but they excite me as they are evidence that my research is important. I hope you get deeply involved soon if you aren't already. Larry

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  1. Thanks. I have a FamilySearch account but did not receive the email. What should I do?