Thursday, July 17, 2014

Updates to FamilySearch Family Tree

Return to Last Viewed Person in Family Tree June 17
As users navigate from Family Tree to other parts of our site (Memories, Search, Indexing, Temple) and return to Family Tree, the person last seen on the tree view and the person on the detail page are now restored.  Previously, a user would be returned to their own tree and person page. This change makes navigating our site seem more fluid and seamless.

Family Booklet July 2
Many individuals outside the United States that need someone to help them get their information into the system. The family booklet is a way they can organize their data and make it easy for another to help with the input.

Preserve the Name of the Person Who Created the Source July 2

We no longer overwrite the name of the person who created the source with the name of the person who modified the source. We now show who originally created the source and who last modified it.

PDF option on memories removed July 2
Before the update, there was a PDF option on the Memories People page so you could share the whole list of people based on the filter selected.  However, the PDF option is not there now after the update.

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