Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Changes to detach options on person page

We have really needed this one for awhile. If you are on a specific photo, anyone will now be able to detach the photo if it is linked to the wrong record in Family Tree.

This option does not always appear. To see the detach option, you will need to do the following:

     1.Get to a specific memory (photo, documents, stories).

2.For the list of people in this photo list on the right, click on the tag with the name of the person you want to detach.

3.When the tag opens, then you will see the detach from tree option.

4.When you click detach, you will be given the page to confirm the detach and provide a reason you are detaching.

Detach from the People page – all photos at once

Just like we have had a contributor can detach all the memories for a specific person using the person page under Memories, it will still exist but it will look a little different.

 If you are not the contributor, you cannot detach all memories at once. You would need to go to each memories and detach one-by-one as described earlier.

Memories disappear during Family Tree merge

We are hoping to also have a fix to keep memories when records are Family Tree records are merged.

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