Thursday, August 7, 2014

Updates to Family Tree

On the help center there is now a general search for Knowledge Articles. 

History Lists: Remove Item
Users can now remove an item from their history list. On hover, an X appears on the right side of a history list item. Selecting this X removes the item from the list.

New FamilySearch Mobile Apps for iOS and Android!
Viewing Family Tree and adding digital files has gone mobile! Two new apps—FamilySearch Tree and FamilySearch Memories—make it easy to connect with your ancestors wherever you are. You can swipe, pinch, and tap to view your ancestors who are in Family Tree and to add photos, stories, documents, and something new—audio files.
Preserve in Family Tree
When you add photos, stories, documents, and recordings, they are accessible from any device and will be preserved for all the future generations of your family. When you are connected to the Internet, the items immediately appear in Family Tree. When you are offline, the items are added the next time you connect to the Internet.
Select a Language
The apps are available in 10 languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Use the settings in your device to select the language.
How the Apps Are Different
The FamilySearch Tree App
FamilySearch Tree displays your ancestors in a portrait pedigree, which lets you see how the generations fit together. You can also select a specific ancestor, and do the following:
·         View information about the ancestor, including the names and dates of the ancestor’s spouse, children, parents, and brothers and sisters, and important events like birth, marriage, and death.
·         View the photos and stories that are in Family Tree.
·         Add photos, stories, and audio recordings (of your ancestor’s voice or of people sharing stories about your ancestor).
·         Add sources to the ancestor.
·         Share the photos and stories for the ancestor.
·         Print a pedigree chart, a fan chart, and family group records for the ancestor.
This app is great when you want to share your family tree, share the photos and stories about an ancestor, or see information about an ancestor. (That’s very helpful when you’re on a trip to see the places where your ancestors lived.) Use this app to add sources. It also makes it easy to add photos, stories, and recordings to a specific ancestor. To add an item, you first navigate to the ancestor. Eventually, you will be able to use the app to add people to Family Tree and correct information.
The FamilySearch Memories App
FamilySearch Memories displays all the photos, stories, and audio recordings that you store in the app and that you have added to Family Tree. (They aren’t divided up by ancestor. For example, you see all your photos in the order that you added them.) With this app, you can do the following:
·         View photos and stories and listen to audio recordings that you have added to Family Tree.
·         Add photos, stories, and audio recordings to your ancestors in Family Tree.
·         Share the photos and stories.
This app is great for taking photos and recording stories at family gatherings, interviewing a grandparent, or taking photos of the photos in a family album. You don’t have to navigate to a specific ancestor. You can capture all the photos and recordings you want, and later tag them to the people in your Family Tree.
Download the Free Apps
FamilySearch Tree operates on mobile devices (such as iPhones and iPads) with iOS 7 or above and on Android devices version 2.3 or above. You can download the app free from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play Apps.
FamilySearch Memories is available only for mobile devices with iOS 7 or above. It is not currently available for Android devices. You can download the app free from the iTunes App Store.
For more information, see the What’s New on FamilySearch that explains how to use the FamilySearch Tree app, and the What’s New on FamilySearch that explains how to use the FamilySearch Memories app, both dated July 30.

This one will be popular:

Audio capabilities in the family tree:

The mobile apps will allow a user to record audio and attach it to people in the tree.  You will be able to listen to audio files added to people in the tree. They will appear on "Memories" tab in family tree. 

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