Friday, March 23, 2012

LDS Family History Libraries - Use Them And Be Glad

Family History Libraryfamily history library 
I use 3 photo's in this post to illustrate some of the resources available at the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) Family History Libraries. For example Computers, even with access to 29 paid subscription sites, someone to answer questions, volumes of books for research, and microfilm.

Family History Event
There are over 3700 local Family History Centers, which means there is probably one near you. The local ones aren't as big as this one in Salt Lake City, but they do offer a lot and access to the microfilm.

I have ancestors in the Porter line. I called Porterville's local family history center today seeking help with information that would help me with writing my grandmothers story.  I was referred to an Ann Porter. She took down information about my specific ancestors and was going to research that library for me. I am hoping she will find a journal by my grandmother, her mother, or her siblings. If so, I will make the trip to see them for myself.

There is a lot of help out there for those seeking to catch the spirit of learning about their ancestors. Use The Family History Libraries and be glad.

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