Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Helpful Hints For Searching - Getting Started - Family History Part 5

This is the 5th in a series of getting started on family history.

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Taken from Diana Toland class at Riverton, Utah Family History Center
  • Notice the neighbors - they be future in-laws
  • If a child died young, the name may be given to a future sibling
  • Remember names were popular and cousins may have identical names
  • People may have use their first name, middle, or nickname on censuses
  • Use the least common given name in the family when searching
  • Registration/Christening dates may occur years after the event
  • Transcripts have inaccuracies - always look at the original image
  • If you can't locate a place - check the date the County was formed, or Google the place name
  • When entering search information begin with the basics and add the details to narrow the results
  • When a search returns "No Results" it may be to sie difficulties, try a 2nd time.

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