Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family History Is A Journey Of Discovery

When you get involved in your family history you may discover that things are different than you thought. That is one thing that makes it fun.

Take this photo for example.

As you look at it, do you think it would work well in your office?

Some have reacted with yes, it would be just fine.

In researching my grandmother, my mothers mother I have discovered many important things about her life that were different than I believed. It truly has been a journey of discovery about her, a good one.

Now look closer at this photo. It wouldn't work well in your office. At least it would only be a nice decoration. Note the size of the computer keyboard next to it, and the monitor behind it. Its smaller than you might think at first.

My sister gave made it for me and my wife stole it from me. :) An interesing discovery and a great gift.