Saturday, November 24, 2012

10 Genealogy Blogs Worth Reading

There are hundreds, if not thousands of genealogy and family history blogs online, offering a daily or weekly dose of education, enlightenment, and entertainment. While many of these genealogy blogs offer outstanding reading and current information on new genealogy products and current research standards, the following are favorites of mine for their excellent writing and timely updates, and because they each bring something special to the world of genealogy blogging. In no particular order:

1. Genea-Musings

Randy Seaver's excellent blog stands here as a representative for the many great personal family history bloggers (since there isn't room in this short list to highlight all of the great ones). His site includes enough of an ecletic mix of news, research processes, personal reflections, and genealogy debate to make it of interest to almost any genealogist. He reminds me of me, I guess...and will probably remind you of yourself as well. He shares genealogy news and new databases as he finds and explores them. He shares his research successes and failures so you might learn from them. He even shares the ways in which he balances his research with family and personal responsibilities. Randy's musings bring out the genealogist in all of us... click here for the rest of her story

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