Saturday, November 3, 2012

Find A More Powerful Than Most Know

A lot of folks search on without using it's full power. It's amazing  just how many headstones, photos, obituaries, and memorials are found on findagrave. It's great when they link to memorials of other relatives, parents, siblings, or children.

This article illustrates what some miss.

The website home page is quite cluttered. The red arrow shows how to search.

In this example I searched for a pioneer grandfather: Sanford Porter.

He is in an old Porterville, Utah Cemetary. The information is great, but: The section in the red box below is what is often overlooked.
By searching for all Porters in the Porteville Cemetary I found many more Porters, many are directly related to me.

The list is extensive. Many times this search has delivered new wonderful results. Gotta Love it!

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