Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting Going On Genealogy Research Is Quite Easy Now

Stop: I'm not interested
Recently I had an interesting exerience with a tourist at the Family History Center. This person was in a tour group, which part of the tour was to stop for an hour an a half experience at the Family History Center. Part of the experience was to have us help the tourists on a one on one experience in doing family research.

My tourist immediatley said "I'm not interested. I've spent 5  years researching the owner of the property next door, and I can tell you it's a pain. I'm not going through that again for any reason.

My response was to ask for one ancestors name who for sure had passed away. I was given the name and I went to Immediately I found that great grandfather and his family in a census.

The response from this tourist? Glued to the screen the comment was, "there is a child in that family I never knew about." Hooked might be a good word to describe the remiaing hour. We found many more and printed the documents to take home.

Getting started, getting excited is just about that easy if you just go to and do as this tourist did with me. Enter a name in the search boxes and go. It's as easy as Google.

In the upper left hand column of this blog is the link box pictured below. It has some simple and valuable tips on searching on

If you want to start building a pedigree chart and be a part of the world wide family tree sign up for a family search account and get going on FamilySearch Family Tree.The videos in the upper part of the blog, as depicted below can be reached by clickin that link.
Next, if you want to become a pretty good genealogist go through the series I am building on the right hand column called 10 Days To Becoming a Pretty Good Genealogist. Pictured here:

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