Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Beautiful It Is - Family Tree Is Officially Live

Tonight at 10PM FamilySearch Family Tree is officially turned on to all who have a account.

After all these months of anticipation and expectation the tree is live to all subscribers. You will see your access to the Tree in the Upper bar after you have logged in.

(The general public can still gain access to the tree, but they will still have to use the invite page to get access. We will release to the public as soon as we verify that the system’s performance will hold up under the increased load.)
Because of the release, you will see the following changes in NFS and
  • Family Tree will show up in the header on for NFS users who are signed in:
  • Family Tree messaging will be visible in NFS on the sign-in page and on the home page. (I took these screen shots on our beta system, so you see the beta banners here.)
  • The combine/separate features will turn off in NFS. This will be seen in several places throughout NFS:
o On the Possible Duplicates tab, you will see a message instructing you to use Family Tree.
o On the Parents and Siblings and Spouses and Children tab. (If you clicked the circle icon, options would appear that let you combine duplicates. The other options are still there. The options for combining are gone.)
o On the screen where you can switch the pedigree to a new spouse, the tabs for combining duplicates are gone:
o You can still see the combined record, but it will lack the check boxes and Separate buttons:

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  1. It's good to see the progress that's being made, however, my experience has been that FSFT has been basically unusable the past several days. On Sat and Sun it seemed like the system kept going up and down. You would use it for a few minutes, then it would take you to the sign-in screen. When you tried to sign-in it just took you right back to the sign-in screen again. You were just stuck in a loop. You had to wait a while then try again and you could get in, but only to have the cycle repeated. Mon and today you can log in, but the system is insanely slow. You can work for a while, then pages simply won't load. You just get the spinning circle. I realize this is a beta system, but it seems a little odd that Family Search would be making a big push to get everyone to try FSFT, then have the system basically be unusable. Kind of a poor introduction . . .