Thursday, November 14, 2013

How Exciting For The Cragun Family History

If you are a Cragun you are likely to know about the Eva Cragun Heiner Cragun Family History book. It covers Cragun and Ellis family history until about 1969. Some of the information is questionable, but generally it's fairly accurate.

Well now comes a new book by Eva's granddaughter, Gaylynne Heiner Hone. I call her a family history research monster. Gaylynne is a graduate of BYU and getting her certifications in order. She has done so much research on the Cragun line, and counts on sources and documentation. She once told me, "if only grandma had sources."

The good news is two fold. 1- Five of us her loving cousins are dividing up the 15 CD's full of research, photos, stories, life sketches, and documents and are attaching them to Family Tree. Wow, what fun it is. I can hardly put her work down. It's a good thing I am retired. The tree is getting cleaner, more accurate in our lines (in family tree)now, thanks to this research. I am finding  new people which is always a joy.

2- Is the book I show the cover of below. Gaylynne has just published a book on the Osbornes and Patrick Cragun available on It's a Cragun library must. It's full of facts and sources. It's interesting, explaining more than facts, what it was like to live back then.

She has a temporary discount on it at the time. I truly hope every Cragun bookshelf has one. It will give you facts and sources, get you moving, give you empathy, and make you proud.

Here is the link for the book:  It is 350 pages and well written.

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