Monday, November 25, 2013

This Is Fascinating: Rootsmapper

This is a picture that I snipped from my screen. It is the migration patterns of my first 8 generations as seen from

Rootsmapper is on of the new FamilySearch partners. I am guessing they are part of the new Discovery Centers experience I wrote about here in the article about the Discovery Centers: 

You just login at their home page (your photo from family tree, if you have uploaded one your migration pattern appears.
Yes, I immigrated from Pocatello to Seattle To Salt Lake City. Or is that emigrated?

Their website is simple, not a lot of options. The action takes place when you select another generation. Like this one where I chose two. The results are embedded into a Google Map, therefore you can change sizes and move it around. It shows that my family went from Utah to Idaho to Washington, and now I am back.

Click on one of the numbered pins and it identifies that ancestor, with a little graphic of the pedigree relationships. Pretty cool. To make the graphic get simpler to view the trash can on the left removes a specific pin and line. 

Running the 3rd generation graphic shows my first ancestor crossing the pond. It shows my Pennsylvania and Indiana roots. Enlarged I can see it clearer.I can see those who came west.

Whoa, look at the 4th generation. Am I a Brit or what?
Actually here is something I had not known before, or ever noticed. It kind of disappoints me. It's the Cornwall, England Connection with John Franklin Rich. He was born in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, England. He went straight to Utah. I was a missionary in Cornwall. I was one of the first group of missionaries to return since the early missionaries in the 1830's. I was there for months. I loved Cornwall but didn't know that one my ancestors came from there. I could have been looking for other ancestors. Yikes that is disappointing. What a lost opportunity. 

 Here is a 7th generation clip: Yep, more Rich's in Cornwall. Three of them right there in Truro, my assigned area. Oh, man this ticks me off. I'm Cornish. No wonder I loved Cornish Pasties.
Now it's your turn to go play. It is a cool site.

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