Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Big Deal In Family Tree: Why Have They Been So Silent About It?

I have been wanting this feature from the beginning: being able to post my own documents and stories to family tree. We can do that now, and it almost escaped my noticing it. Here I am, a support missionary to family tree and no one told me.

Had I not read this simple statement below of new features on the FamilySearch blog I still wouldn't know.

Living people aren't live on family tree for privacy reasons. The statement above says "As long as you have the rights." I have to clarify this but it seems in my studying this today (Saturday) it applies to myself, my spouse, and my children. So far it is working for my seeing their photos and stories.

Why do I want and like this feature so? It is because while I am living I can get my own documents, histories, photos, and stories on the tree so I know all of my children and posterity will have access to them once I have deceased, like 100 more years from now.

We live by, and go to church with a lot of people old enough they think family tree is too hard for them to learn. Some don't do email. But someone can now sit down with them and put their stories on  the tree, automatically to go live once they have passed on.

Too many stories go untold. Too many histories are thrown in the trash once we have died. It's cumbersome to organize our records. Family Tree is the way and it will be available to all, once we have died and moved on to the next place.


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