Thursday, October 31, 2013

Can You Imagine? This Is Article # 500.

For those of you who think you can't write a blog, I say bah humbug. The excuses are usually, I don't have the time. Last week I got up at 6AM and wrote 8 articles, scheduling them to go up one a day: It's now 8:18 and I had time to do a couple of other things.

I started writing this blog a few months after we arrived on our mission, two years ago. With consistency large numbers happen. And I even took the summer off.

For those of you who say you aren't a good writer, I am proof that isn't a requirement. Just be yourself.

For those who think it's too hard technically, it isn't.

I have made some very important connections through this blog. Hi there friends and cousins. The website has had close to 44,000 visits. The site is hit from all around the world. Several articles have been forwarded to others. Some help me with corrections on what I have posted. Some leave a nice comment. I have people tell me they like the site, surprising me who it is that drops by. It's fun. You might try it, and find you too like doing it. Thanks one and all, Larry.

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