Saturday, October 26, 2013

States That Kept VItal Records Before 1880

You may as well know what is not available in the way of State Vital Records. There are only 14 that kept records before 1880. To me it is interesting the Hawaii is one of them.

Vermont 1770, Massachusetts 18841, Hawaii 1850, Virginia 1853, Rhode Island 1853, Delaware 1860, Florida 1865, Michigan 1867, Washington DC 1871, Wisconsin 1876, New Jersey 1878, Iowa 1880, and New York 1880.

Going to the State Level is often an effective way to find vital records. I suggest you also go to the FamilySearch Wiki. It will likely lead you to the resources in a particular State or County. You find the link to the Wiki on under the heading "get help"  For example: here is the link to the North Carolina Wiki Page:

Good researchers have a plan they follow. For many that know the State their ancestors lived in, the resources on the Wiki page for that State or County are a pretty good plan; just follow every link posted on that State or County Wiki page.

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