Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Back

Hey there, you have seen a couple of posts this week. More is coming. Yes, I am back.
We had a wonderful summer. We visited Iowa, Nebraska, lots of family and friends, three wedding in Washington State, Zions, St George, Antelope Island, The beautiful scenic loops around Salt Lake, and kids and grandkids.

I am also back as a family history missionary. Part time in the World Wide Patron Services support zone where I ended our full time mission.

Here is where I serve:

This is what it is like inside:

And a winter days view from a few feet from my desk:

There is an amazing great spirit one gains by volunteering to serve. You might consider serving, even part time. Church members can almost pick the area they want to serve, the need is so great. In our mission in family history we are in need of about another 200 on campus and 1000 that will serve from home. Leave a comment if you want me to contact you, or email me at larry@cragun.net. My assignment isn't to recruit, but I know how bad the needs are. Your need is beyond the family history mission, it's everywhere: employment, libraries, Deseret Industries, or you pick em.

Non members can volunteer for many areas, such as family history libraries and Deseret Industries. Just ask someone. I think when we meet our maker we will be glad we had a serving others history.

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