Monday, October 14, 2013

An Interesting Story On How DNA Testing Gave A Man A Family

   Yesterday I posted about Riverton Library Saturday Seminars. Last month the keynote session was about male DNA testing. I haven't had my DNA tested yet and previously didn't have a lot of interest in doing so. Sure I want to connect with more unknown cousins, that is one of the purposes of this blog. (BTW: it has worked wonders in that purpose, Hi Cousins)

    However, I hadn't felt motivated to spend the money, determine which companies tests to take, and to really have a goal for the experience. The keynote was great. I found my the above objections  demolished. I know which company I will use for the testing. I know which test I will take and why. How is that for a successful keynote presentation?

    I came upon a touching story about DNA I thought all of my readers would enjoy and I am sharing a portion of it and the link to the full article below. I encourage you to read the entire article.

They sat at DFW Airport, the site of comings and goings, happy hellos and sad goodbyes.
With nerves, they waited.

"The way I felt about it, this day was never gonna happen," said Patrick "PJ" Holland.
He was in the final 60 minutes of an 80-year wait. "This is what we call a 'countdown,'" he said with a laugh, after asking yet again when his guests would be arriving. "She'd let me know if they missed the plane; they did not miss the plane," said Marilyn Souders, who was with Holland on a long and winding journey.

Finally the guests were there.  Holland smiled broadly, then hugged them tightly.
He was 80 years, six months, and 22 days old, and he was meeting family for the first time ever: A cousin and that cousin's daughter.

For all his life, he never knew what a cousin was.
"Sometimes I'll go way back and wonder, 'How'd this happen to me?' Holland asked.
An unwed mother gave birth to PJ Holland outside Cincinnati during the Great Depression.  Orphanages were full, so he lived at the hospital where he was born for the first couple of years of his life.

Click here for the full story: and enjoy :)

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