Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wasted Photos

Kathleen cleaned out the storage unit. My how organized she can be. She found some treasures. Yes, she found some boxes full of mothers genealogy gatherings. Grandma Bingham's funeral book is interesting. I plan on copying it, several pages long, and posting it on family tree. I am going to have to wait for that as you cannot upload pdf's yet. That will be the easiest way to send this book to the tree.

There were also hundreds of photographs.

Ah some are such a waste. Why I say? Because who are these people? I recognize some, especially those of me. But goodness, so many aren't familiar. what a waste. I guess I could post them online hoping someone could help. Oh, perhaps they are all have passed on, those who can help. Me oh my why oh why didn't mother put the names on the back of the photo.

I am sure you aren't making this mistake and good for you. 

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