Sunday, December 22, 2013

Coming Soon To Family Tree

Yep, I was informed this week that perhaps the next upgrade in family tree will include photos in the pedigree view. Cool, get those photos uploaded folks; as of this posting there are now 1,640,035 photos in the tree. It seems like that number is about 200,000 more than this morning.

 I am kind shocked about the Porter line. I haven't focused on it much, thinking that there were so many stalwart Latter Day Saint Porters; but it seems like they think everyone else is doing the work. I have been adding things I found in my mothers files; but am surprised what I am finding of hers is on Porter relatives with very little put into the tree.

Wow, I just checked the photo count again; it is up about 200 in 5 minutes. Awesome! 
Update: 19 hours later:  1,643,496  photos on the tree: an increase of 3,461.
Get the picture
Oh, You've got the picture
Post it then 

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