Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Regularly Check the FamilySearch Blog: Here Some Changes In Family Tree Announced There

When you are viewing a historical record and you click Attach to Family Tree, the source, until now, has been automatically added to your Source Box. You now have the option to attach the source without adding it to the Source Box.
The option is available during the last step of the process, which is:
  1. Find a historical record that is about one of your ancestors who is in Family Tree, and click Attach to Family Tree.

image 5
2. Find the person by using the Possible Matches tab, the History List tab, or the ID number. In this case, I’m using the ID number:
Image 6
3.  When the right person comes up:
  • Enter a reason that you are attaching the source.
  • Click the Add Source to Source Box checkbox if you want this source to be added to your source box.
  • Click Attach.
Image 8
Attach Browse-Only Images as Sources, and Edit the Title
When you are viewing an image from an unindexed (“browse only”) collection on FamilySearch, you can now attach that image to a person in Family Tree as a source. You can also edit the title of that source, since the title that is automatically generated may not have much meaning. During the attaching process, you have the option to include this item in your source box or to leave it out.
An important thing to note: The option to attach an image (rather than an index page) is available for browse-only images. For indexed images, you must still begin the attaching process from the page containing the indexed information.
  1. Find the image that you want to use as a source.
  2. Click the Sources option. (This option shows up on browse-only collections.)
Image 9
3.  Click one of the following:
  • Click Attach to Family Tree if you know the person in Family Tree you want to attach it to. From here, you can edit the title, select the person, and enter a reason.
Image 10
If you click Person, you see your Family Tree history list. You can select a person from there or enter the ID number of a person who isn’t on the list.
Image 11
  • Click Add to My Source Box if you want to do the attaching later. From here, you can edit the title to something more meaningful.
Image 12

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