Saturday, September 1, 2012

Billions of Family History Records Stored in A Granite Mountain Vault - Cool Videos

I previously posted that their is a vault zone in our mission. There are actually 20 zones in Family and Church History Headquarters Mission.

The mission name identifies the three branches: Family History, Church History, and Church Headquarters.

Kathleen serves in World Wide Support, training and supporting family history centers. I serve in the Training Zone, training new missionaries for the first two weeks they arrive here.

The magnitude of what is accomplished here is stunning. Missionaries serve to support the full time staff. Some do special projects, some come with particular skills that are needed: Security, Real Estate, Accounting, or technology for example.

The videos below are an insight to the work in the Vault Zone. We had a young missionary, who came to our zone and loved the vault work so much he asked to be sent back there. It turns out that after his mission is over he will return to the vault as an employee.

Understand the technologies and processes used to "unlock" the collections of genealogy records preserved in the Granite Mountain Records Vault.

This video explains how records stored in microfilm and other formats are digitized, indexed, and published online in a searchable format, where they can be accessed by researchers around the world at

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