Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finding Genealogy Records On Line by FamilySearch

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In the past very few years, online genealogy records have grown to the point that the larger databases are talking in terms of billions of records. How can you begin to comprehend that many records? Where do you start and where does your searching online end, if it ever does? What do you do when you search for an ancestor’s name and there are thousands of results? And of course, the main question is, if you already know enough about your ancestor to search for him or her in the huge database, why do you need to do the search?

Some of these questions are very difficult to answer and some of the answers depend on your own research goals. But first, when I am talking about a really big online database, what am I including in that title?

By far the largest database of genealogical information is found in the commercial website But there are a number of larger databases that would qualify for inclusion under any set of criteria. Read the entire article, click here

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