Monday, September 3, 2012

Karl Marx and Obama Photo

Karl Marx and President Barack Obama
I hope my democratic leaning sisters can enjoy a little humor.
Even though I am a Republican political Constitutional loving extremist I have not let that creep into this blog. Not so on Twitter. But I can't resist the fun of what actor Clint Eastwood started at the Republican Convention. He spoke to, had a conversation with an empty chair, to our President Barack Obama, with him sitting in the chair. It was funny.

Actually, I thought it was extremely funny.
Twitter Republicans have taken to the Internet, declaring today as empty chair day.
All over the Country loyal Republicans are posting empty chairs of sorts.

My favorite so  far is this one above: Karl Marx and Barack Obama.
You see, many of us recognize the Obama doctrine as a carbon copy of Marxism.
262 articles posted, and 1 political - you can forgive me can't you sisters?


  1. Shame on you, allowing a non partisan and "for everyone, Mormon and nonMormon" blog to turn into a political statement. I think I'm done.

    Clint Eastwood was NOT funny, he was sad and pathetic. Confused. Even before he opened his mouth!

  2. Hi Nancy, No not shame on me. I have given a lot of thought to your comment here and on Facebook about this post. I didn't expect you to like it, and I didn't expect the extent of your reaction. I understand your political point of view and I think I understand much as to why your point of view. You have a right to your point of view. This blog has multiple purposes. Much is to promote genealogy, some is to offer a nice spiritual feeling on Sunday, some is humor, more is about our ancestors,and very little is about me. I have purposely kept my political views off this blog. I did think this was humerous. I intended it to be the only statement of my views on this blog. I would think you or others have the right to tolerate it or stop viewing. I hope that isn't the result. But please take note. I have good and sound reasons for my point of view.