Thursday, September 6, 2012

Howard Blaine Cragun, The Only Living Child of Simeon Wilbert (Wilby) Cragun

The man at the table, that's Howard Cragun, the only living son of Simeon (Wilby) Cragun
This picture was taken September 2, 2012
Sitting Next to Howard is his wife Ruth Wood Cragun
Howard was born July 15, 1923
Hey, is that a root beer float on the table? I love root beer floats.
Howard's daughter, Claudia and her boyfriend, standing behind, are
assisting their return to Gig Harbor Washington where they spent much of their life.
What good people they are.
If you too are a descendant of Simeon, you would love to know him.
Everyone should have an Uncle Howard and Aunt Ruth. It was in a recent seminar on writing family histories that a speaker suggested in every life's story we write, that we share what we learned from the story. I will try and do that here and now.
From these two people I learned much. I guess the biggest thing is about the joy of being happy irregardless of the circumstances. I don't remember ever hearing a negative thing from them. The thought is in my mind, "The Joy of Being Happy". That's what I learned from Simeon's son, Howard. I'd like to think I am a little bit like him. I know he's had his share of struggles that go along with the good times, but I never ever noticed a hint of negativity while in his presence. He is always smiling, happy, and optimistic.
It makes me wonder what my grandfather Simeon was really like. Is Howard like Simeon? Am I a little bit like them both, I know I have some of Howard's optimistic traits. Was Simeon like this? I really do not know.
Howard recently turned eighty nine. I would say he looks pretty darn good. Of course Aunt Ruth looks good too, but she is a young chick and that's to be expected. My dad lived to age 95. So I guess I'm in for another 20 years or so, genetically imagining.
Howard is a country boy and a guitar picking singer. Aunt Ruth sings also. I guess genes don't guarantee talent to be the same, if I start singing I'm usually asked to stop.
Some of my favorite life's memories are digging clams at Penrose Point and steaming them at the Craguns place, competing in the watermelon eating contest at their resort in Montana, and playing in their home as a kid in Tacoma. Each with my aunt and uncle. Howard always had us doing things. Umm, those steamed clams. 
I think they read this blog occasionally, and hope they see it when they settle in their new digs at Gig Harbor. As folks, this post is for you.
I love them deeply and appreciate their kindness to me, recently and throughout my life.
I'd guess Simeon has watched his son from the life beyond with pride and with love. 

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