Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Tree Is Moving Along Nicely

Family Tree, in its current beta form is still quite functional. The list below shows what is about to to be added. You only have to log into to see if FamilyTree is available to you

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I believe you can still just login and see familyTree as an option now. It was enabled the last time I looked. It goes off and on, so if it isn't live keep coming back. I believe they are on track to go fully live this year.

Here is the impressive list of the coming features:

Adding/Changing/Removing a Father

Adding/Changing/Removing a Mother

Adding a New Child to a Family

Adding a New Parent

Deleting/Restoring a Parent-Child Relationship

Deleting/Restoring a Couple Relationship

Adding/Changing/Removing Couple Events (Marriage, Divorce, Common Law, Annulment)

Adding/Changing/Removing Parent-Child Relationship Types (Biological, Step, Guardianship, Adopted, Other)

Couple Relationship Change History with Restore

Parent-Child Relationship Change History with Restore

Adding Sources to Couple Relationships

Adding Sources to Parent-Child Relationships

* All of these actions include "reason" statements.

Before we turn on relationship editing, we need to solve several data integrity issues. Family Tree is a new system with a new database. To populate this database, we migrated all of the people and their relationships from (nFS). There is a mechanism to keep these two systems loosely in sync.

This sync mechanism currently has several defects that result in the Family Tree data becoming inconsistent. The most serious defect occurs when users combine people in nFS. When that combined person is synced to Family Tree, the combined person remains as two people. This causes unexpected results as you navigate your tree.

Before we turn on relationship editing, we need to correct this problem. It's very important to note that once we turn on relationship editing, the two systems (nFS and Family Tree) will diverge. You should not expect that the two systems will display the same data. You should focus your attention on Family Tree. Correct the information there. Personally, I have stopped performing operations that separate and combine in nFS. (You Should Too!!!!!)

We are taking this problem day by day. It may require a planned outage to correct. We hope to have this fixed and turned on soon. Stay posted.

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