Friday, June 29, 2012

Learning Genealogy Is Getting Easier Each Day

One of the reasons genealogy research is getting easier to do is that so many are focused on it. All over the world individuals, governments, societies, businesses, and churches are catching the spirit in a passionate way.

The LDS church has a leading website: All information on this site is free to the public. Family search is able to partner with a lot of businesses and organizations in adding data to its database. Some data that would cost to obtain comes free to family search through trading or sharing resources. An example is that the UK 1911 census is the exclusive domain of Through it's partnering relationship, Family has that census.

Family Search not only has billions of records of data, it is one of the best learning centers for the beginner or intermediate genealogist. If that might interest you click on learn as you reach It will take you to a page like the one below:

There is the Wiki with expertise help on thousands of specific topics, showing you how to research that topic.  There are training videos that are excellent. There are forums to post you questions.

Catch the spirit, dive in. It's fun.

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