Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Happens When You Focus on "MY" in Family?

Family Tree
A Family Tree?
What Happens When You Focus on "MY" in Family?

This was shared with me in a discussion about the upcoming FamilyTree. There will be a paradym shift for many, maybe even most.

The shift? It will go from everyone having their own tree to being a part of one family tree. That is a most significant evolution from New Family Search.

In other words, if I change data to my ancestor it changes my tree and your tree - our tree.

I know this will make some uncomfortable. I have experienced people's ire when I do something with one of their ancestors in new family search.

FamilyTree will have important features that will enable us to work together, actually force might be the word. 

So now about the tricky part of this post.

So, we do spell family: F A M I L Y  |  If we focus on "M Y" rather than the entire family it ends up like this: strike the M and the Y from  F A M I L Y  and you get F A I L.

Cute but right. I guess that is applicable in any family dynamic. My needs versus Family needs.

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