Saturday, June 9, 2012

Be Ye Therefore Organized Updated

This video by Barry Ewell is on his blog: The link is at end of this article 
We should be commanded to organize.

So much time is wasted when we aren't really organized. That it true and magnified when it comes to genealogy research.

For the last three months I have been training new full time family history missionaries. Most of them come with the desire to become excellent researchers as they are here on their missions. In that process we spend time researching and documenting our findings with their first 5 generations. We use research logs as a big part of knowing where we have been and what we have discovered.

In those 30 people there are: their spouses, their children, their children's descendants, and each have ancestors to confuse the intelligent. It takes only a mornings worth of research to have so many logs, photographs, copies of censuses, birth and death documents, and websites visited that one can easily have scrambled their brains.

Thus my new genealogy commandment: "Be Ye Therefore Organized:!

Taking the time to carefully follow this awesome system will require your focus at first but will reward you and your posterity forever. How is that for a promise?

I was pleased that so many clicked into the previous article about being organized. I am convinced this was a great thing for everyone to implement.

There was one problem - the concept was confusing to implement. I wonder how many were like me and did most of it, or like Kathleen who tore her hair out and screamed a bit. As we decided to take another more in depth look at the details we discovered that Barry Ewell had done his own version, very similar, and that he has made it easier to follow and implement.

I like his modifications.

I love his video and PDF.

I suggest that if you got started to any degree, review the video and see how you can implement his version.

If you haven't started yet, now is the time.

You can go to the website and order by email a 15 page PDF that is a great help. Wow, I love being organized!


Remember: Successful genealogy research depends upon being able to find information again which you already have. To do so you need a simple system for organizing paper copies of family group records, pedigree charts, documents, notes, and research logs and helps.

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