Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Purpose of This Blog

Photos from an annual family retreat
As I come up to 175 articles on this blog with about 50 other websites linking into the blog or linking out from this blog one might ask, what's the point?
Is it because it's fun for me? It is that, I do like to write about things.

Is it to leave a history of my life and my family? It in part does do that. There are stories here, Jason says he prefers stories when it comes to my involving him in our family history.

One reason, is to share the many things I am learning here on this family history mission, Kathleen and I are serving for 18 months, here at Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City. I share fun things too, cool things such as this video by Andreas Bochelli, clicking here takes you to that video.

I am writing in hopes that this blog is a site people come back to. In that effort I mix things up: some of what I speak above, some fun things, great photographs, someting sprititual on Sunday, and tips about technology or genealogy.

I know to bring my kids back, I have to make it sort of interesting. I try.

This isn't a genealogy research blog but it links to one for each of my main family lines. The most work I have done, is researching on the Cragun line. That blog is here:  I am making every effort I can to make that a valuable resource for others that are working on the same families. Later even my children might find it valuable.

The research blog is focused while this blog has a few facets of content.

I also write for Google and the other search engines. I know how to get to the front page of Google without any fancy tricks. Why do I do that? The answer is easy. I want my unknown relatives that do searches to find this blog. Currently about 1/3 of the traffic to this site is from Google.

Some of what I write is easily sent to Facebook and Twitter, or can be emailed. I do a lot of that in my reaching out to family and friends efforts.

I invite comments an feedback. I anticipate some of them may chime in  once in a while on the comments option. Some have. That is good.

As I wrap this up, I invite your comments too if you are so inclined.

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